Wikipedia Page and List on Distributed Social Networking

I have zero experience with editing wiki pages but a general idea of how it works.

I’m working on adding aether to the following wikipedia list:

I have the following, looking for feedback, corrections, or clarity on some of these items:

Project Name:

Open source, self-governing communities with auditable moderation and mod elections. distributed, ephemeral

Software Type:
P2P client

Programming Language:
Go, Node.js, C



Privacy Support:

[[Federation (information technology)|Federation]] (with other applications or services):
{dunno, I think “No” is the most accurate answer here but could be misleading}

{dunno, does anyone have an estimate or measurement of the userbase? Most other applications on this list give the server or instance count}


Also, I’m curious if anyone is interested in working on an actual wiki article for Aether

This is a great idea. I’m barred from creating or editing one (per Wikipedia’s rules, I’m an ‘original source’ which cannot contribute to the article) but I can give you references, news articles about Aether, quotes etc to support the article, which you can cite in Wikipedia.