@user > Threads jumps to top after background update

  • Operating Systems: Windows 10 / Debian 10.8 / Debian 9.13
  • App version: Aether Community Edition v2.0.0-dev.15, build 2011262249.19338c93

Expected Behavior
Maintain reading position

Actual behavior
Jumps back to top when some update is completed
(when Last update status changes from Updating to Just now)

To Reproduce
Click a username (@user) then go to Threads at the top, scroll down a few posts and wait.

Additional Information
Tested on Windows 10 Pro, Debian 10.8 (Buster), and Debian 9.13 (Stretch)

Update: with relation to the back pagination icon, an issue for that was been filed here on 20th July, 2020:

Using back arrow returns you to the top of the thread page

Will try and look into this myself, likely a relationship between the two regarding the scrollBehavior / pushState configuration of route views in VueJS.

I can also confirm this problem as you have described.


A similar issue of maintaining page state (scroll position) is lost when navigating into and out of threads in a given community.

When clicking the back pagination icon from within a thread view (post), you are taking to the top of the community page, not the last viewport scroll position.

If you have clicked the “LOAD MORE” button, that state is also lost and you need to repeat the process again which can be tedious if you’ve traversed to any reasonable depth of a community which has a lot of threads.