Upgrade does not start under MacOS

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  • Operating System (Platform and Version):
    Mac MacOS 10.13.6 (HighSierra) (not the latest)
  • App version (at Preferences > About)

Expected Behavior
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Start app, see something

Actual behavior
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Turning circle, keeps turning (like earlier bug report on Linux)

To Reproduce
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a) install Aether like a year ago, make it succesfully running, get a approved username
b) install latest version and start that one

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Additional Information
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Have not removed possibly corrupted files/directories in ~/Library
Would like instruction how to do a fresh install , but keep username

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I think since you’ve installed Aether first a while ago, you might have ended up with a very old version of database that is not supported. In essence, when we change the database I make it so that the new version upgrades the database as well. But if there’s enough time between your first install and the current, which seems to be the case, your database might be incompatible with the current version, and due to the time (and versions) that has passed, incompatible. You might want to just delete your frontend and backend databases and try again. If you have a username that you want to retain, you should be able to just delete the databases and not your profile. The directions to do so is on the website at Docs > Troubleshooting > Resetting Aether.