Uninstall don't work in windows 10

  • Operating System (windows 10 enterprise 64 bit):
  • App version (v2.0.0-dev.5)

Expected Behavior
By using windows control panel the app should uninstall

Actual behavior
The uninstaller don’t work. Air Labs and Aether folders don’t be deleted

To Reproduce
Every time i try to uninstall the software


Additional Information

Thank you!

Is the actual app deleted (not your user profile)? If you mean profile folders by Air Labs and Aether, installers do not remove your profile files, they only remove the application itself — this is not special to Aether, this is how all installers or uninstallers work on both Windows and Mac OS.

I’m responding here to keep this in a single thread, but Aether has completely borked my windows setup and i cannot get it to uninstall fully. I ran the uninstaller, thinking it would get rid of the appdata folder (contrary to the B response, i’ve had many installers clear out their appdata local folder). But it’s still there

I’ve been trying to run a disk mapper (have tried 6 of them, to no avail) as they get stuck on the appdata folder for air labs and stall there for around 20 minutes. When I opened the folder, Windows hung as it tried to populate the folder structure. So I instead have been trying to delete the folder manually. It isn’t working as there are over a million folders and items and growing inside of the air labs folder.


I’ve gone into the command line and tried to do a complete file deletion and then rmdir. Both hang. My antivirus kicked on - and it just runs and runs and runs, sitting inside of your folder structure. I’m now at 1.3 MM folders and items. Super fun.

So i have two questions:

I used the program for an hour and then went to bed, got sick, came back and now I have all these files? Is this normal?


How can i delete these files without just reformatting my entire harddrive?

image two

EDIT: it won’t let me reply again. :disappointed:

Alright, gomnna let it run. I just checked my browser history and I downloaded the installer from getaether.net on the 13th of this month. the installer I used is: Aether-Setup-2.0.0-dev.6+1811231746.7e1936d8 and i still have the installer if you want it. I didn’t realize something only a week old is already unsupported, sorry.

So you’re using an old, unsupported version, which had a Windows 10-specific bug that caused this. This bug was long since fixed.

You can either delete the folder via PowerShell, which should be much faster, or just wait it out. There is nothing broken, there’s just many files in there. We’ve debugged this issue with another Windows 10 user, just waiting for Windows to delete it works. Just let it work in the background and it’ll delete the thing.