The software consume an excessive disk flux amount and stuck the PC

  • Operating System (Windows 10 enterprise):
  • App version (dev11)

Expected Behavior
Software must’nt disturb the normal PC activity

Actual behavior
The backend and frontend processes consume 100% of the disk when work to update the software content every few minutes (almost 1-2 MB/s)…in this time te PC is often stuck

To Reproduce
Just run the software


Additional Information

Thank you!

Which build do you have? This was fixed in a new build of dev.11. This is the newest build:


If this is not the one you have, just download a new copy from the website and give it a shot. We actually debugged this one with another user, and it turned out that it only happened to people where the Windows they used was not English. Likely this applies to you too. This build should fix the issue.

Let me know if you still have problems after that.

The problem was solved when i installed the last build

By installing the latest build (dev.11+1903010147.3fd391a3) and by adding an exception for aether processes in antivirus setting (Avira) the program in normal conditions now run smooth…but when i use an “heavy” app (for example: Matlab) the PC continue to get stuck for the heavy disk usage. Maybe is a good idea to lower the priority of disk usage assigned by default to aether processes that now try to use always 100% in any condition (the compiling will be more slow but the pc will run more smooth…without having any issue).

That’s quite interesting, because the version you had installed before and updated after are the same, the only difference is one line of code. If anything, the old version writes to disk every 5 minutes (hence the 10gb+ files) and the new version writes only every 6 hours, so it uses the disk 100x-1000x less.

Are you sure if it’s heavy disk usage, or could it be CPU or RAM usage?

i’m sure that is disk usage the problem (i looked in task manager). Probably is the antivirus exception that make the difference from before to now… is possible for you software with some coding to tell the antivirus to add an exception? (now i must go deep in antivirus options to set these…for a newbie this is a great problem but an antivirus with windows is essential)

Anyway the problem persist also without the antivirus interference when i run heavy applications…maybe you should tell to backend and frontend processes to use less resources when they are already used by other applications by lowering their priorities…minting and compiling are very heavy for the pc and this cannot be corrected). CPU and RAM usage was not very high in standard conditions but i can’t control when i’running matlab because the pc get stuck.

So generally processes operating systems don’t allow processes to talk to other processes (i.e. Aether can’t talk to the antivirus) without some sort of established link because that’s a security risk. Also, if that was possible, every virus / trojan would do that : )

For minting and compiling, minting only takes resources when you create a post or vote, and compiling should only take resources when there are new posts in the network, so if there’s nothing new, then there’s nothing we need to compile. This is not the reality right now, we need to make the compiling process more effective in determining whether there’s new content or not, but that’s the goal. If there’s nothing new, it should take zero resources on that run.

For the high disk use, that’s a little weird because I don’t see that on Mac or Linux, seems to be a Windows specific issue.I actually finally got myself a Windows computer so I can observe it running natively. I’ll take a look at whether it’s being bottlenecked by disk use.

Do you know if your computer has a SSD or a hard disk? Hard disks perform significantly worse (10-100x worse) when it comes to small semi-random reads, which Aether does, so if you have a hard disk instead of a newer technology SSD that might also be one of the culprits.