Telegram Functionality Comparison

I’ve a heavy telegram user looking to move myself and many others for channels and chats to something else. I’m looking at XMPP, Matrix (Riot), and a few others (Jami, Tox, etc). Is there any way to port all Telegram stickers to Aether? Sure telegram sucks for verifiable security - but otherwise its functionality is basically leading the way, no?

Hi there,

I don’t think Aether fits with the other things you’re trying — we are not a messenger service. If I had to choose, I’d say Aether is closer to Reddit or Slashdot than Telegram.

We are also all public since Aether is designed for mass communication, there is no private messaging in Aether.

For your general question, Telegram’s user experience is basically unmatched, even with their shaky cryptographic credibility and security issues. The closest alternative I know of is Signal, which is what I use personally.

Hope this helps.