[SOLVED] Import / Export Profile - One User, Multiple Devices

How do you export and import your profile so that you can have the same username when using Aether on different devices?


Launch Aether
Go to Home
At the top right you should see a V down arrow, click it
Select “Preferences”
Select Defaults
The instructions are found in “Your user profile and preferences”

Your user profile and preferences
These are the locations your settings and profile are stored in. The frontend-config file also contains your user profile and public / private key pair.

You should back up a copy of your frontend-config in a safe location. This file contains your private key, and anybody who has this key can become you on the network.

You can move the frontend-config file between machines. This will carry over your subscribed communities, your user profile and other details.

User profile and frontend preferences file
/home/*YourUserName*/snap/aether/x1/.config/Air Labs/Aether/frontend/frontend_config.json
Backend preferences file
/home/*YourUserName*/snap/aether/x1/.config/Air Labs/Aether/backend/backend_config.json

It is suggested we backup our profiles somewhere safe. It would be nice if, after creating a profile, we were prompted to backup the profile and a tool exported the profile in a secure format that could later be easily imported into a fresh version of Aether using an import tool.

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