Software doesn't start anymore

  • Operating System (Platform and Version): Windows 10 Enterprise
  • App version (at Preferences > About): dev11

Expected Behavior
The software should start and work correctly

Actual behavior
The software stuck at loading and not working…only deleting all Air Labs solve temporary the problem

To Reproduce
For 3 times i see this…now the software is not working for me


Additional Information
I can sent you the folders that i’ve deleted

Thank you! ]

OK, So this might be similar to an issue I’ve heard recently. Can you take a look at your frontend and backend config json files, are they correctly formed? In other words, when you open them, do you text, or something like ? ? ? ? or /x00 /x00 /x00

This is the only issue I know of that causes your experience.

If you can see that, that means the app was forced to quit by Windows in an unclean way (i.e. Windows forced the app to crash). When the app crashes without the OS involvement, it cleans after itself even if there’s an exception. But when the OS crashes the app via an external termination, there’s nothing the app can do, and the app is terminated in an unclean way. Under normal conditions, the OS takes over and finishes the cleaning, such as closing the open files that the app was holding the access on, closing the hanging network requests, etc.

If you’re seeing the null bytes in any of those files, it means Windows failed to clean up the file in such a way that it overwrote the file with zeroes.

This isn’t an Aether specific issue either, here’s some Github bug reports from Docker:

I’m going to implement a system that backs up the config files every 10 minutes or so if the app is running on Windows. If this is indeed a file corruption issue, you should be okay if you copy and paste your last back up in place of the config file that has been corrupted. If you don’t have a backup, you should be able to delete the config file and it should work, but then you’ll lose your user profile if the corrupt file is the frontend config.

If this doesn’t appear to be your issue, let me know and I’ll send over further debug instructions.

I controlled that files. frontend_config.json didn’t have these characters…backend_config.json was empty.

Now i delete the entire folder and restart the software. If the problem reappear i will contact you another time

Yup - that sounds like the same thing.

I would recommend you to back up your frontend-config.json somewhere, just in case. The rest of the data you can grab from the network, but that file has your private key for your user, so you want a copy of that in the case frontend-config gets corrupted. Low chance, but good to still have a copy.