Software blocked at startup

  • Operating System (Windows 10 enterprise 64 bit):
  • App version (v2.0.0-dev.5)

Expected Behavior
The software should start and load home page

Actual behavior
Sometimes the software at startup don’t load the home page and remain stuck in the loading screen. In these cases i must delete manually the software folder (see previous listed bug) and reinstall to fix all.

To Reproduce
It seems random


Additional Information
I have a backup copy of the broken installation folder. If necessary i can load in a private host (it contain my old login data, now i created a new username)

Thank you!

The new release due in a few days is going to have ‘console’ that you can check the error message of, so that you can actually tell me the error message, and I can fix it. I’ll send you that version whenever it’s ready, so we can debug this further.