Recompile the source code


Hey everybody!
I changed line 524 to

if lastActivity < thirtySecondsAgo:

Instead of

if lastActivity < tenSecondsAgo:

In the [link hidden]

To not waste some time.
How would I go about recompiling the source code from the Github repository? I’m not really comfortable just running some binaries, any help would be appreciated.
Note: I’m on Ubuntu for simplicity as of right now.


I have a more pertinent question, how did you even get to that commit tree? It’s only on Github’s cache, that file is not in the repository.

The issue is, you are referencing the first, prototype version of Aether written in Python. That is a completely different app with a completely different code base. It is also unsupported, and it was removed from the repo when the new, current version was launched so as to not cause exactly this kind of confusion. :grinning:

Grab the source code from the same repository’s current head, not from its cache, and that version is the version that people are using — if you want to talk to the current network, you need to use the new Go codebase.

For compile, you need to have Golang, Node, Electron and gRPC set up in your system as dependencies, and then use the makefile to build it.