PSA: If you're using Windows, consider updating your client from the website

Hey folks,

There is a hotfix for only the Windows version that fixes a bug where in some cases, certain versions of Windows would repeatedly generate caches assuming that they were not generated. If you had an unusually large cache size, this was probably why. (It should be below 50mb as of now).

If you’re using Windows, you should go to the website and grab yourself a fresh copy. This one is not made available through auto update, because it’s still dev.6 and it’s a hotfix, however, this does fix an issue that a few Window users are experiencing, so if you have that issue (you’ll know), you should grab this one.

What was the bug? I took Microsoft a little too literally when they said ‘Windows is POSIX compliant’. If you want to go down that rabbit hole, here’s the full story of why Microsoft says that.

Windows is not really POSIX compliant. If you believe that, things break in subtle ways and Bill Gates is waiting for you to sleep under your bed .

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