Precise license reference

I am packaging Aether for NixOS right now[1]. The build bot there throws a warning since the license is not specified as being “AGPL3 only” or “AGPL3 or later”. Looking through the repo did not help me much as the only reference seems to be the verbatim license text.

It would be great is this distinction could be specified explicitly somewhere (eg. the repo root README).


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Updated to AGPL-3.0-only:

By the way, we just started a community chat. @maxhille if you email founders [at] I can send an invite to that email.

Folks will be able to self-register later, but we haven’t built self-registration links :slight_smile:

Thanks for packaging this for NixOS!

Thanks for the license clarification and the community chat invite. I have to decline on the latter though as I generally don’t join chats (too distracting).

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