Post duplication bug is flooding the network!

  • Operating System (Windows 10 Enterprise):
  • App version (dev12)

Expected Behavior
If i publish a post this must be copied on the network only one time

Actual behavior
A post that i made some days ago is duplicating right now without any control! I shut down my aether node to prevent more flooding…but i don’t know if is only my node that is spreading this flood or if is a problem that affect the entire network.

To Reproduce
Just run the software


Additional Information
As always i have a backup of my aether dir. i Can pass you also my h24 aether node in my VPS

Thank you!

This is the same bug as the other one — you have multiple instances running, somehow, so each of them are posting your content into the network as you post. This is the other issue: Aether backend process duplication and slow computer let’s continue that thread there.