Port forwarding

Linux amd64, kernel 5.11.9
Aether Community Edition v2.0.0-dev.15, build 2011262249.19338c93

I’m having problems with the backend, can’t get it green.
My router is a NetBSD box with npf packet filtering that doesn’t support UPnP, yet.

So, I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible for Aether to open the same port each time it’s started in the same computer?
    This way a user without UPnP doesn’t have to manually change the port forwarding each time it starts Aether.

  2. Even with port forwarding enabled and an open port, Aether detects the port was opened in the router, but after some seconds, maybe a minute, it says again
    Mapping failed, no router, or router uncooperative

I have two rules, one for NAT, another for passing in. This one has some flags.
Do you know if any flag is not appropriate for Aether?
Or should I change anything else?

# port forwarding
map ure0 dynamic port 45241 <- any pass family inet4 proto { tcp, udp } to ifaddrs(ure0) port 45241 # id="3"

# filtering
pass stateful in final proto { tcp, udp } flags S/FSRA to ifaddrs(ure0) port 45241 # id="7"

Thank you!