Page errors on Beginner's guide and Admin's Quickstart

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  • Operating System (Platform and Version): MacOS 10.13.6
  • App version (at Preferences > About): 2.0.0-dev.14

Expected Behavior
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Fully loaded banner on Beginner’s guide page. Viewable text on Admin’s quickstart page.

Actual behavior
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Seemingly unloaded space banner on top of Beginner’s guide page. Bundle of white boxes obstructing first two paragraphs of Admin’s quickstart

To Reproduce
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From the dropdown menu on the top right of app, click “Beginner’s guide”. Select Beginner’s guide and Admin’s quickstart page

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Additional Information
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Thanks. I actually fixed this issue in the current code base, but I forgot to reply back to you. The next release will have this issue fixed. I’ll check the missing image as well.