Not seeing replies to content I post

  • Operating System (Platform and Version): MacOS 11.1
  • App version (at Preferences > About): Aether Community Edition v2.0.0-dev.15, build 2011262249.19338c93

Expected Behavior
Replies to my posts are visible to me.

Actual behavior
Replies to my posts are visible on another computer using Aether but not my own.

To Reproduce
I’m not really sure, sorry. It’s happened to two separate posts just recently – maybe after the most recent Mac OS update?


Additional Information
Only other detail I can see is in the backend info section where it tells me port mapping has failed.

Hi there,

Aether is a distributed network, so it’s normal for posts to be visible on one computer and not on the other before the network has stabilised and most nodes have your post. This generally takes 10-15 minutes under normal conditions, but if you’ve just joined the network, it might take a couple days of keeping the app open to get down to that 10-15min. Once your connectivity indicator is green, you should be good for that window. Another case where this delay might happen is when there’s more than usual number of people joining the network at the same time (an influx), which seems to be happening right now.

Basically, since there are no servers, other nodes have to find you, and your computer has to find them to get the replies. When you’re new this might take a while at first, but it gets faster over time once more of the other nodes start to know of your existence.