New version: v2.0.0-dev.1, build 1809302010.10d9909a

Hey folks, this is the latest release cut. Bunch of new cool things here, but the main thing is that this build will work in October — the one you have will stop working on Oct 1. I’m working on bigger features, but I wanted to still make a cut with the existing finished additions so that you guys can keep using it.


  • This build has a cutoff of November 1, 2018. The build you have will stop working at Oct 1, so you should get this one if you want to keep going.
  • The deep linking now works on Windows as well.
  • Deep linking format changed from athr:// to aether:// based on feedback.
  • We now have canonical versions and build numbers, which can identify from which commit a build was cut from, and a global versioning system. No more random builds where the code changes but version number stays the same (yay! that was a lot trickier than expected)
  • Added a nicer disk image and DMG background for Mac.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an invalid SQL string that caused a query to be less effective than it should.
  • Converted SOCKS5Proxy support to be explicitly IPv4, since we do not support IPv6 nodes yet.


Windows & Mac

Close the app, remove the old one if installed, and reinstall this one.


Same, but before removing the app, move your user profile folder out of the snap. Snaps are sandboxed, so Aether cannot save it into your home folder like it can do on Windows and Mac.

Download links

You can get the links from Aether if you have it already installed, or via PMing me on this forum — we’re still in private beta, testing stability of new features.