New dev version released, with bunch of updates, direct linking from regular web, bug fixes

Hey hey, just cut a new release, it has a lot of fixes from the last few days.

New features

  • We now have links inside and outside Aether. So you can link from a website in your browser, into Aether itself. The link format is like this: athr://board/309b5ebd9e2bdc167023c2d855cfb87faddec927dcd96334db3eed974ecb55c2 athr:// ftw. : ) (would you prefer aether:// or athr:// ?)

  • You can see a link-in from a webpage at After installing the new version from the links below, those should directly open the link in your Aether client.

  • Aether now also provides OS notifications. So if you’re using it on your Mac, you will get Notification Center updates as well. You can disable this from the OS settings if you want.


  • Notifications repeat in comment chains are fixed.

  • Double creation of some entities fixed. This should hopefully mean there will no longer be double-created communities.

  • Added some basic IPv6 support, but it still needs work — but at least it can ‘dial’ IPv6 addresses now.

  • UI will now correctly prevent addition of spaces to usernames and board names. Before, the UI would take it, but it would get rejected by the backend.

  • Back button behaviour if you try to immediately go back into onboarding after completing is fixed.

  • The user creation flow is simplified.

  • Misc design fixes for regressions

  • In the ‘create community’ or ‘create thread’ screens, the top right ‘create’ button were confusing. Per the results of the user test, this is now removed. (It was always disabled, now it does not show at all)

WIndows specific:

  • The athr:// links don’t work yet, they only work for Mac and Linux (?). I’ll add support for Windows for that in the next release

Linux specific:

  • Please make a copy of your ‘Air Labs’ folder in your user directory before deleting the old version. I don’t think the update deletes the user data, but what it does is that it installs the app into a new directory because of the Snap sandbox, and that new second directory doesn’t have access to the first. So you might have to move it over.

Download links:

[ Still a private beta, reach out to me and I’ll PM you, or go to this thread on Aether for links. : ) ]

I tried the aether links on Windows, and it seems that it doesn’t work.

Also, I still read this on the interface:

v2.0.0 Developer Preview 1 Build 1

I’ve downloaded it from the links on Aether.

Yeah the version number is the same for now, this is still the private build. What happens when you install? (edit: I just tested the Windows version, works for me far as I can see)