Location of the license file

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This user has been asking about why the https://getaether.net/opensource/ link does not include information about Aether’s source code license. ]

You appear to have found the https://getaether.net/opensource/ link from the main project site, and you’re asking why it does not include information about the project’s source code license.

The link I think you’re referring to is a legally defined page that needs to exist to remain compliant with the licenses of the libraries we are using. What you are looking for is the “LICENSE” file. Here’s the file you’re looking for: https://github.com/nehbit/aether/blob/master/LICENSE.md

The link also includes the source code. It’s also the first result on a Google search.

Lastly, this post is kept so as to answer your question, but it is against the support forum community guidelines. Please be civil, and if in doubt, assume good faith. You can find the full list of guidelines we apply here: https://news.ycombinator.com/newsguidelines.html

This isn’t about Google searching. This is about public relations and your presentation on the site. It’s really not clear at all. I’m not the only one who was looking at your site.

So it seems you’ve got an open source project. Why the heck wouldn’t you put that CLEARLY UPFRONT!!! That’s the second most important feature next to it being decentralized. Like holy fucking shit, this is MAJOR.

Branding and marketing is a big deal.

What community guidelines did I break? Is Aether for SJWs only? Are truthers allowed? What’s with the censorship? Is there a way to ask for a review? This seems ridiculous. Censorship is also a big deal.

I’m quite sure the folks at SaidIt.net will be keenly interested in this thing. This is huge - if for no other reason than it looks like an open source decentralized Reddit-like feed thing. I found it via AlternativeTo.

Also, congrats on the neat platform from what I’ve seen thus far.

It’s hard to recommend this “decentralized open source” app on SaidIt when I get censored right off then no response for days.

Crickets ???