Linux app doesn't seem to quit properly

  • Operating System (Platform and Version): Ubuntu 18.04
  • App version (at Preferences > About): Aether Community Edition v2.0.0-dev.13, build 1906191901.7eaf250

Expected Behavior

  • Aether and all its associated processes should actually quit when I click the Quit menu item, or
  • some indication that there are background processes running should stick around, assuming they do something like talking to other peers that I might want to disable (e.g. on a metered network)

Actual behavior
Two processes keep running in the background after I quit Aether.

To Reproduce

  • open Aether

  • close Aether (tray icon → Quit)

  • $ ps aux | rg aether
    josh     15616  1.3  1.1 263604 192600 ?       Sl   19:24   3:05 /snap/aether/x1/resources/app/aether-frontend-linux-x64 run --isdev=false --clientip= --clientport=40243
    josh     15622  0.1  0.6 196592 101208 ?       Sl   19:24   0:17 /snap/aether/x1/resources/app/aether-backend-linux-x64 run --adminfeaddr= --adminfepk=[redacted]
    josh     20731  0.0  0.0  29832  7448 pts/1    S+   23:07   0:00 rg aether

    The argument to --adminfepk is a long hex string, which I’ve redacted out of an (over)abundance of caution.

hm, maybe I was just impatient – they’re gone now. Wonder what exactly they were waiting for…

It doesn’t do anything special, the SIGQUIT handling is not any different from any other binary. It might just be that if it had a lock on a file (likely the db) it could have been finishing its write task before the quit.