Installation instructions


Hey Everyone!
I’ve posted before twice before, though my second post didn’t get any bites.
Anyways, this post is mainly regarding Nehbit or anyone who can help.
I’ve been a follower of Aether for quite some time, and I do know that you share some irritation with the open source community as they can be quite demanding, hence why there aren’t any installation instructions on the website.
But I do have the recommendation to put up the instructions, though you actually don’t need to reply to anyone demanding for help with the simple instructions. The source code is kind of all over the place is why, though it can be installed with make, there is only one package.json file for node in the client folder, which seems to be something that should be split off (but don’t take my word on it, it’s pretty useful to have it all packed in one program for simplicity).
I don’t really want to be too demanding, but if anyone can help figure out the installation instructions as I am having a hard time finding all the dependencies and everything, and just running make (with the preferences of course) isn’t really helpful to some newbies like me.
Though I am, like the open source community, being demanding. I do not mind if you Nehbit, don’t really take up some footing on this issue, as I’m also addressing the other users.
Thanks again, everyone!
Have a wonderful morning/day/evening/whenever you’re reading this post.