Infinite loading screen (First time downloading)

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 32-bit
  • App version: 2.0.0 dev14

Expected Behavior
I expected the app to load

Actual behavior
It is just a loading screen

To Reproduce
I didn’t find a specific cause it happens everytime.


Additional Information
This is the first time I have downloaded Aether and I have left the app for more than 30 minutes on

Interesting — this happens usually when the configuration files are corrupted due to an unrelated system crash (like power loss), however, that does not explain it happening on the first load.

I haven’t been testing on 32-bit for a while, so it’s also possible that one of our dependencies stopped supporting 32-bit operating systems.

I would uninstall the app, reboot the system, reset the profile files following these instructions and reinstall.

Ok so I tried it and no luck. What should I do?

OK. Follow this and it should let us see the error message.

— Open a command window Start menu > type cmd.
— Go to Aether’s own installation folder. Program Files > … one. Drag the Aether.exe file into the command line and press enter. This should start logging into the terminal as to what’s happening.
— Copy the resulting text here.