How to support multiple languages? (updated)

How can Aether best support multiple languages? What features should it implement?

A few remarks:

We could imitate Quora and display an icon that allows people to jump from a version of Quora in one language to a version in another language.

The issue I see with this is that it could lead to the fragmentation of the community. Users may not jump from one universe to another often enough, and that could lessen the likelihood that users from different cultures, who have different worldviews and viewpoints, discuss together. In my opinion, that would be a great loss for Aether.

Another way to approach this issue would be to build filters to let users filter out content that is not in languages they speak. They could for example go to Popular, find content in all sorts of languages and choose to only display content in English and Italian.

The advantage of this is that, by default, content is displayed in all languages in one big melting-pot. People would then tweak the filters to choose what they currently want to see, rather than spending their whole time in one universe, while missing out on discussions in another to which they could add their own contribution with their own ideas molded by their own worldview (which I find very valuable).

What do you think?