Friends and I can't see each others' posts

We have been users for two days now. We can see our own posts on our computers, but can’t see each other’s posts nor reply to them as we can’t see our friends accounts and usernames nor their posts.

We are on MAC and Windows 10.

Everything in the backend and frontend seems to be working. App is open while posting, we can see our own posts on our computer, but does not show up on the network as we can’t reply to each other.

Let’s follow this up here. I’m investigating this. If you’d like to help, your friends on Windows should follow these steps:

And tell me if they can see the folders mentioned in this specific post. This is a known bug, so if this is that, we know what might have gone wrong. If this isn’t it, I’ll look elsewhere.

Thanks, we saw that thread already. Friends say all of that is good on their side.

What about for MAC? It does say that my port mapping failed, no router or router uncooperative for network, otherwise, everything is greenlit.

Nothing is updating for us although it says it’s updating successfully.

Friends say all of that is good on their side.

What does this mean, do all of those folders mentioned exist and in good working order?

For Mac, I’m investigating. I’ll report back here if / when I find something.

Yes, all folders there and working. Just not updating new content or showing they exist outside their own computer location, the same problem I am having on my MAC.

OK, thanks for confirming. I’m using a Mac myself so I’m checking with my own messages. I’ll push an update for this in a day or two.

I’ve pushed an update to the app. If you close and reopen the app, it should show up as an auto update. Update it and let me know how it goes. You should post new things after the update and wait a couple hours.

The Windows version has been updated, but we still can’t see each other’s usernames or posts.

I noticed for my Mac that the entities in progress never completes on the frontend. All the subs have no new content from when I downloaded the app.