Directory that become bigger and bigger

  • Operating System (windows 10 enterprise):
  • App version (dev 7)

Expected Behavior
[the directory /AppData/Local/Air Labs/Aether/v0/addresses shouldn’t take a lot of disk space that increases over time]

Actual behavior
[the directory /AppData/Local/Air Labs/Aether/v0/addresses take a lot of disk space that increases over time]

To Reproduce
[Run the program for months and this problem become important…in a similar way to a previous bug but with more latency]


Additional Information

Thank you!

Thanks for the report! How big are we talking about? How many folders are there in the addresses folder? It might simply be a fail-to-clean bug, if that is so I might be able to just roll a fix into the next version.

i’ve deleted the dir yesterday because my pc has crashing. i sent you via MEGA the directory as it is today via MP (i couldn’t see what it contained becaose the file explorer continue to load without an end)

Thank you! I’ll take a look and figure out why it’s happening.

Edit: I took a look — do you see the other types of caches having this problem, are they normally sized?

I checked my own caches and far as I can see this doesn’t happen on Mac, it also looks like a bug I’ve fixed a while ago, so this is likely Windows specific. If it’s not happening with other caches, I might be able to look at what I did to fix the other caches and re-apply it to addresses.

I Checked the others caches and seems ok. The Aether on the debian VPS also seems ok .For me this is a Windows specific bug similar to the one you have already fixed