Change Subscription Order in Sidebar

It looks like you can’t move around your subscriptions. I think it might be nice if you could, say, move the subs that you frequent more often to the top, instead of having to scroll through to find what you’re looking for.

It would also be pretty cool if you could group subs together in a folder of sorts. That way you could collapse and expand a grouping of subs.

Thanks! This is a very common feature request, and it’s on the implementation list already. The next release should bring this in as a feature.

I thought about grouping, and it does make sense to group, for example, all the gaming related communities into a subfolder. A basic version of this feature should not take much time to implement, but I’m thinking about things like being able to give groups names, being able to get collective notification screens for those groups instead of the global one) and a few other features for this too, so this is still in planning phase.

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Oh that’s great! The notification screen is a cool idea, so I look forward to it!

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