AVG antivirus broke installation of the software to make controls

I must stop the AVG daemon to install the software properly for this reason, maybe this should be reported to AVG and/or in your site home page

What does AVG say in the error message?

I think it’s unfortunate, but if I had to guess, antivirus software would be likely to flag Aether as suspicious just because they’ve never seen it before. I’m guessing this will improve as more people start to use Aether.

On Windows also, I need to pay for ‘Authenticode’ signature, which Microsoft partners sell for $100-200 or so, I think — it’s something that you have to pay for every year. That prevents those kind of error messages, far as I understand. I’ll eventually buy one of those.

AVG told me that the file is suspect and must do some controls on installers and uninstallers, then begin a scan of 15 seconds… broking the installations. One time send also these files to AVG Labs, and some days later a receive a response that told me that the files are clean.

OK - that’s good, because you sent the files, hopefully it will help other people not see the same issue.