AppImage version?

I just read an interview with the guy behind the AppImage format and wondered if there are any plans to make an AppImage version of Aether. I haven’t used Aether since I re-installed my computer because I don’t feel like having all the snap stuff on it.

We’ve tried AppImage before, that was our first choice before Snap. We even got one of the developers of AppImage developer to help us out. They couldn’t get it to work themselves.

We might try again in a year or so, whenever the AppImage fixes make downstream to our dependencies.

Any chance for flatpak support?

Are you having issues with Snap? It’s not anyone’s first preference, but to their credit it has been working well for most people so far.

I haven’t installed the snap yet but wanted to check before I did in case a flatpak was in the works.

I run fedora and usually try to stick to rpm/flatpak if I can.