Any other way to install it on linux besides snap?


Hello everyone!
I’m quite interested in this project, but I haven’t been able to find any way to install it on linux other than snap. I don’t need nor use snap, and it would be quite nonsensical to install and keep it just to have Aether.


I don’t think there’ll be another way until a .tar or .deb version is made available. I’ve tried installing Aether on Linux Mint only to go through technical Hell (and to have it break in PlayOnLinux after choosing to create a user). But that could be because Mint doesn’t support snap packages by default. What distribution do you use?


Linux is kind of unsupported for the time being, but after releasing the next version (tonight) I’ll take a look at moving to AppImage, which I think has better cross-distro support. I also have other reasons to move to it (like auto update) as well, so that should help.


Yeah, a .tar version would be the best in my opinion. I’m currently using void linux, using xbps as a package manager (the default one).


Nice! An AppImage package would be a really welcome improvement. Thank you!