Aether Taskbar Icon

  • Debian Buster (stable)
  • Openbox window manager
  • Tint2 panl
  • Aether Community Edition v2.0.0-dev.14, build 1912161354.a1a015e

Expected Behavior
Expect Aether icon in taskbar button.

Actual behavior
Launcher shows orange Aether icon. System tray shows black and white Aether icon. Taskbar button shows generic window icon.

To Reproduce

  • download Aether-2.0.0-dev.14+1912161354.a1a015e.snap
  • snap install --dangerous Aether-2.0.0-dev.14+1912161354.a1a015e.snap
  • add /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications to Additional application directories for Tint2 launcher to scan
  • restart Tint2
  • Orange Aether icon displays in Tint2 launcher
  • run Aether from Tint2 launcher button
  • Aether starts, catches up, and is operational
  • Black and white Aether icon displays in Tint2 System tray
  • Tint2 taskbar button for Aether application displays generic window icon


Thank you.

Thanks, the tray and the launcher icons look correct, but the taskbar icon is weird.

Does that taskbar need to also show the name of the app?

Generally this sort of stuff is mediated by snap and outside our control but I’ll take a look for the next release.

You can configuree Tint2 in its tint2rc to either show app name in the taskbar button or not. I have it set to not – icons only. If I hover over the taskbar button I do get a popup with the name.

Thanks for looking!

I noticed that the installation created


and everything in there is just a link to a corresponding file or folder in


except there is no /snap/aether/x1/data-dir/icons/hicolor because

/snap/aether/x1/data-dir/icons/ is empty

On XFCE, the right side icon (black and white) is invisible until hovered. More visibility would be great.

Do you have a screenshot on XFCE, especially with other apps’ icons so I can see how it’s done there? Does XFCE have themes, do those themes affect icons?

The issue here is that the specificity for icons we have is at the OS level. So I can set an icon for Linux, but not specifically for XFCE or for i3 or any other specific desktop environment, so we need to find some design that works for all of them. For example, if we choose a dark icon, it might be invisible on a dark theme desktop environment, which I suspect is what’s happening here. A light icon would have the same issue on a light theme.

Mac OS is smart enough to only accept a SVG icon without a colour, so it actually colours the icon itself, that’s why how it works well on both dark and light OS X environments. Linux desktop environments don’t seem to be able to do that as far as I know, but more screenshots with more desktop environments with more themes applied would be immensely helpful.

I’m not using XFCE anymore and I don’t have a screenshot. The point though is that it’s gray and/or somewhat transparent.

I’m sorry that I can’t provide a screenshot.

Can’t you setup a virtual machine or dual boot?

I don’t use Linux as a desktop OS at all, so I don’t have the expertise / experience in them, I wouldn’t be able to replicate the issue someone sees, it could be on a specific version I might not have, etc.

In cases like this, it’s best to have an exact versions of everything involved plus screenshots, so I can send you a dev build with a potential fix applied, and see it in the real env that it fixes the issue. If you ever go back to XFCE and have the issue again, let me know.