Aether Patreon: Not FOund

Expected Behavior
Aether Patreon link on Aether webpage leads to Aether donation page.

Actual behavior
Aether can’t be found on Patreon, even using a variety of search terms.

To Reproduce
Try and follow instructions on how to donate here:

I’m no longer using Patreon, so I closed it. The main reason is that it had been consuming a disproportionate amount of mental energy compared to the value, because it creates an obligation (perhaps self-imposed, but still there nevertheless) on my side that I need to be doing something about it all the time, since Patreon is a monthly payment system.

With a full time job, I can’t always be working on Aether P2P, I do it on my free time. But the implicit obligation of getting paid monthly with a Patreon is doing something major for it all the time and that’s just extra stress on me that is not justified by the amount donations I’ve gotten out of Patreon. These days no one has extra budget for stress either, life is stressful enough on its own.

I’ll eventually get to remove all mentions of it across the websites and the app.

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Very understandable. Do you think you will introduce a different way of allowing for “reservation” of usernames?

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If there’s enough demand for it, sure, the system still exists and is still functional. Perhaps I might do something more like a single payment system where you can buy a name for the duration that it stays (6mo), and if you don’t come back and renew it on the website it just expires instead of charging you again. That would be better than Patreon’s forced month-to-month scheme, and it would be closer to domain names system, which is something people understand already.

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