Aether Off-World Archiving

Aether Needs Archiving

Conversations on Aether are ephemeral. This helps keep the network efficient and helps people feel confident expressing themselves in an off-the-cuff, extemporaneous fashion.

The problem is that a lot is discussed on Aether which is valuable enough to warrant a permanent record somewhere. Content like this disappears after 6 months. People might not bother to mention valuable information on Aether if it is going to vanish or have to be repeated.

I think Aether could benefit from an off-planet integration with an archiving protocol like IPFS. Aether’s content is all text so this code might be useful:

Perhaps Aether could integrate an “Archive” button which would publish the post or thread to an IPFS facility. The uplifted content could be sent with some meta-data like hashtags, a topic title, date, etc. This little beauty might be of assistance:

Broadly speaking, I agree. The current behaviour is that no content is in fact deleted from local devices, just that the older content stops from being broadcast. So nobody has lost any content yet as long as they don’t delete their database, which should allow us to still recover most of the old content once we do this.

The general solution to this is that we allow the user to choose how long he wants to keep all content locally (broadcast threshold remaining at 6 months), and an export option beyond that threshold. If someone wants to keep everything permanently, they should be able to do so.