Aether links are not working in markdown

  • Operating System (Platform and Version): MacOS Catalina v10.15.7
  • App version (at Preferences > About) Aether Community Edition v2.0.0-dev.14, build 1912161354.a1a015e

Expected Behavior
When I click on a markdown aether link that I am taken to the destination the link is pointing to.

Actual behavior
Instead I am taken to my aether home.

To Reproduce
I created an example in aether://board/eb5a77bd296488235a94f426974cb9fdb70ba4c2ee52a5b9b2b8256cdd3b9658/thread/7033fcb5b7c69675ee0b043a40f67126a0c72e43af0c051ae553b22ce4845de7

In the thread I created a link with the text “me” that points to my aether profile:

Clicking on the link does not go to my profile.

If instead I just post the raw link then it works:

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Thanks for the report. This is a known issue in the current version of the app and has already been fixed (we’ve moved to a more conforming Markdown compiler library) — the next release should ship this fix as well.

Ok great, I’m glad that it has been fixed and that it should be included in the next release. Thanks.

This issue is now fixed with the latest release from a couple days ago, here’s the changelog.