Aether links are not working in markdown

  • Operating System (Platform and Version): MacOS Catalina v10.15.7
  • App version (at Preferences > About) Aether Community Edition v2.0.0-dev.14, build 1912161354.a1a015e

Expected Behavior
When I click on a markdown aether link that I am taken to the destination the link is pointing to.

Actual behavior
Instead I am taken to my aether home.

To Reproduce
I created an example in aether://board/eb5a77bd296488235a94f426974cb9fdb70ba4c2ee52a5b9b2b8256cdd3b9658/thread/7033fcb5b7c69675ee0b043a40f67126a0c72e43af0c051ae553b22ce4845de7

In the thread I created a link with the text “me” that points to my aether profile:

Clicking on the link does not go to my profile.

If instead I just post the raw link then it works:

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Thanks for the report. This is a known issue in the current version of the app and has already been fixed (we’ve moved to a more conforming Markdown compiler library) — the next release should ship this fix as well.

Ok great, I’m glad that it has been fixed and that it should be included in the next release. Thanks.