Aether is not in the Snap Store

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  • GNU+Linux / Ubuntu based
  • App version Aether Community Edition v2.0.0-dev.14, build 1912161354.a1a015e

Expected Behavior
Aether is found in the Snap Store and therefore --dangerous is not required to install Aether using snap.

snap install --dangerous aether-version

Actual behavior
To install Aether, you must use --dangerous

To Reproduce
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Additional Information
Is there a policy to keep Aether out of the Snap Store? Why? What about AppImage or FlatPak?

Thank you for creating Aether!

We are moving off Snap due to user issues / complaints — especially after Mint removed Snap. The next version of Aether will hopefully be released on something else, but I’m still researching the best platform.

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A while back I examined the relative benefits of the various ways of packaging an application. I came to the conclusion that AppImage was the one which supported Freedom most and was platform agnostic.

Snaps were too Ubuntu specific. FlatPak was not as strong on Freedom. If there is a better option, I would like to hear it.

With the new release, Aether is now in the Snap Store, alongside other new packaging styles we now provide. Here’s the changelog.

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