Aether is completely broke for me

  • Operating System (Windows):
  • App version (It won’t boot past the loading screen.)

Expected Behavior
[ I expect the software to boot up. It does not. ]

Actual behavior
[ I try to boot it up, a grey screen with the circle shows up. It spins around, nothing changed. It cannot start. ]

To Reproduce
[ I have no idea. ]

[ If it boots up normally, exactly how it looks in that first brief moment; you don’t need a screenshot. ]

Additional Information
[ It didn’t work, no matter how many times I rebooted. I reinstalled it, nothing changed.

Another weird thing, I have no idea why this occured, is that when I would boot up Garry’s Mod (source engine, if that helps) Aether would open and crash. I have no idea why this would happen, but apparently one dislikes the other. ]

[ HELP ]

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Hello Troglodyte! Sorry to hear of your difficulty. I think I know the issue and how it happened: your save has become corrupted. This might have happened as a result of Aether being forced to shutdown midway between saving its details.

If you look at the bottom left of the client, there is a status section. You can see there if Aether is still processing jobs. Your client might have been interrupted midway through processing files.

One solution to this is to delete your corrupted profile files and replace them with a working backup you made earlier. There are instructions on how to do this in the thread here:

If you haven’t made a backup, you might have to create a new account. You can use the same username, but the id will differ.) When you create your new account, go through the back up process right away.

Somebody else might have a more helpful answer for you. I hope so.

Wish I could say this works, but I can’t even find where the data is saved. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Aether twice, and it still keeps refusing to load; just the grey background and loading ring. :\

If you could tell me where the data (blockchain, I guess?) is stored, (doesn’t seem to be in the Aether folder) that would be great, and I could see if a clean & proper reinstall fixes it.

You might need to enable “Show hidden files”. In the file explorer, click on the “View” tab at the top and on the right, tick the “Show hidden files” box.

Then, try this:
Make sure Aether is shut down completely. Point your file explorer at the bottom left and navigate to the Windows folder, it is usually in the C: drive. Click on that, and inside you should find a Users folder, click on that and in there you should see a folder with your username, click on that.
From there you need to keep going to: AppData\Roaming\Air Labs\Aether
Copy that folder and paste it somewhere else safe as a backup. After you have backed up the folder, delete the original. (Inside it should have had two more folders, backend and frontend. In future, these are the folders you want to backup.)

Then launch Aether again. It won’t have an account and will prompt you to create one. It will be a new account! Maybe somebody else will help you recover your old one…

Hopefully that will get you going. If it works, configure the settings for subscriptions and NSFW and how long you want to keep content etc and shut down Aether. Backup that same Aether folder, as if things go wrong again, you can restore with it.

I hope that gets you going again. Good luck!

This doc might be helpful, it tells you exact locations of the Aether data files for Windows, Mac and Linux:

I suspect the only thing that is corrupted is the KVStore.kv file in the frontend folder. I would recommend closing the app completely (including from the bottom right if you’re on Windows), deleting that file, and reopening the app. If this is correct, it might take a couple minutes to rebuild the index, but you should not lose any data nor your user account. This is by far the most common thing to get corrupted in case of an unclean exit. Hope this works.

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Going into roaming/appdata/yadda-yadda-yadda seems to have worked. I’ll post on Aether proper in a bit to make mention of it there.

I suppose once I have, I’ll ask about how to close out of Aether without corruptiong data; as there’s no off button. (seriously, how do I turn it off without powering down my machine?)

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I think this is resolved in the Aether thread right?

I stopped using and uninstalled Aether for what feels like a year ago (actually ~7 months) because it had this issue. Decided to give it a go now, installed it, and it has the same issue lol.