Aether doesn't work after importing profile

  • Operating System (Platform and Version): 20.04.1 Ubuntu variant
  • App version (at Preferences > About) Aether-2.0.0-dev.14+1912161354.a1a015e

Expected Behavior
Aether runs with imported profile

Actual behavior
Aether fails to launch or run properly after importing profile

To Reproduce
Install and Launch Aether
Choose “Do not create profile”
Navigate to frontend and backend folders and replace .json files with the exported profiles of another Aether account.
Try to launch Aether

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Additional Information
There ought to be a tool to help this procedure happen more easily.

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You might want to try only importing the user key and related fields into the new profile, not move it wholesale. Generally what you did should work, but I don’t know how exactly you did the import so trying to move user-related fields one by one might be the most bulletproof way to do it.

Hi, @b! Thanks for looking at this.
From donor instance of Aether, I copy/pasted twice to the recipient Aether.

Once was the single file in the backend folder, the other was the file from the frontend folder. I deleted the existing files in the recipient (after backing them up elsewhere) and just replaced them with the equivalent files in the donor instance.

Pasting just one file and seeing if that helps doesn’t work either. Perhaps it is because of using the frontend_config.json.backup from one platform (Windows) in another (Ubuntu) doesn’t work.

I watched the process. While Aether is whirring away / egg-timing, it occasionally creates a frontend_config_writeahead.json.backup file, which quickly disappears.

Or maybe it is a problem with the versions, though they look similar:

Donor: Aether-Setup-2.0.0-dev.14+1912161354.a1a015e.exe

Recipient: Aether Community Edition v2.0.0-dev.14, build 1912161354.a1a015e

Ah no — I meant moving the individual keys inside the file. There’s only a few keys the frontend config that needs to be transported. And yes, while you can mostly copy the files across the same OS, moving files across OSes don’t work. That’s because the path styles are different, windows uses C:/folder/folder/.., UNIX OSes use /var/mnt/..

We’ll eventually remove the path storage entirely from the config file, which should make the files universally compatible across OSes, but it’s a low-priority improvement right now. I’d recommend opening the JSON file and just reading it — you’ll find the relevant keys fairly fast, since they’re obviously labeled, and then you can just move them to your new OS one by one by copy/pasting. There should be 2 or 3 at most.

Thanks, @b

I reinstalled Aether on the recipient machine, and when prompted if I would like to create a new user, declined. I closed the client GUI, and shutdown Aether. I then copied the values for the keys in the donor and pasted those into the fiels in the recipient frontend_config.json. They were:


I saved the edited file, and launched Aether, expecting to see my account and profile, however, no profile was there. It was like I hadn’t changed anything.