Aether doesn't run with Mandatory ASLR enabled on Windows

  • Operating System (Platform and Version): Windows 10 Pro 1803
  • App version (at Preferences > About) Aether v2.0.0-dev.6, build 1811191754.746ec27e

Expected Behavior
Aether shouldn’t force users to fall back to a less secure configuration than they need.

Actual behavior
It crashes at startup with error code 0xc000007b

To Reproduce

  • Open Windows Defender settings
  • Click App & browser control
  • Click Exploit protection settings
  • Set “Mandatory ASLR” to “On by default”
  • Restart
  • Try to run Aether

Interesting. It looks like the executable has to be compiled with ASLR support. (Source)

It appears that this is a common problem with Electron, which the UI is based on. There’s another report filed here for a different app.

This is the error message they saw:

Looks similar enough for me to think this might be an Electron-wide thing.

This is not something that I can directly control, but I’ll file a bug report with Electron and see what they say. If this is just a compiler flag they have to flip on, that might make a few other apps’ lives easier as well.