Add SOCKS5 setting on the user interface

I know that it is currently possible to set and use it from the config file, but it isn’t really userfriendly.

My opinion it is that as far people (everyone, even not experts) will feel secure about their own freedom of expression, the better the results of a project as Aether will be.

And so, I think that the “complete” security of everyone, where even the IP can become a sensitive data, should be easily achieved.

Then I’m requesting to add it directly on the interface part of Aether, so users will not need to being able to open folders/files from that maybe could be beyond their knowledge.

The issue is that it’s not Aether’s frontend doing the connections to the outside world, it’s the backend. I do agree that it would be nice having a more user-friendly way of setting a proxy within the app.

I set up the Tor SOCKS5 proxy address in my backend_config.json but for some reason it still managed to send and receive data from the network even with the Tor Browser closed, and no active socket on So I guess it’s not working as it should (since the SOCKS5 proxy is down, the backend shouldn’t be able to communicate with other peers, right?), or I’m doing something wrong here.