Abbility to upload our own photo for our PFP and Community

I have recently started using Aether and I really love the idea behind it. I am a very active reddit user and Aether really has some chance over reddit but the biggest dis-advantage i see on Aether is that, we can’t upload a photo when we create a new community or we can’t upload a new profile-picture. Please add this function.

Aether only stores text, you need a file server to host images.

Well is it possible? Because right now, things are as appealing as we don’t have any profile pictures to set the communities apart!

Is this possible? @b

It is not, @thatsmaman is correct. The reason is that you share the entire (for now) content on the network from your computer for other people. Sharing text is generally safe, since it’s just text. But a lot fewer people would be okay with sharing images through their computer for other people since images are much more dangerous.

Since there is no distinction between sharing an image for a community and sharing any other image, this is not possible to do through the network. However, we might be able to provide a simple way to upload an image to and reference it from within the app, so it loads that way — but that image would load through the regular internet, not through the P2P network.